The working group smartPCN was founded in 2009 with the aim of establishing a standard in PCN (Product Change Notification) communication between manufacturer and distributor.


The smartPCN standard was delevoped by companies like BMK Group, Festo, TQ Systems, Würth Elektronik eiSos and Zollner.
The FBDi (
Professional Association of Component Distribution) is also interested in the smartPCN standard.


 smart = secure + methodically + accepted + realisable + transparent

One of our biggest aims is to get the suppliers intersted in smartPCN. Please talk to your suppliers and ask them for submitting the PCN and EOL data in the smartPCN standard from now on.


Your benefits:


  • Reduce duplicate processing of PCN and EOL
  • Priority of PCN is instantly recognizable
  • Automated processing and reductio of manual actions by 75% --> competitive advantage
  • cost savings


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