COGD (Component Obsolescence Group Germany) e.V.


The product life cycles of high tech components and complete products have been dispersed more and more during the last decades. Modern components are partial replaced after a period of 6 months by not always compatible successor components. But industries like aerospace, military, railway, power plant, automation engineering and others require unchanged and unmodified products for as many years as possible. The status of non-availability of products or systems is called obsolescence.

Members of the COGD (Component Obosolescence Group Germany) e.V. in Germany spend time on the topic of obsolescence management. Their aim is to minimize the consequences and effects of non-availability of components within products and to avoid them. Obsolescence Management can be seen as a part of the Life Cycle Management.


Members of the COGD have the following benefits:

  • Access to all presentations and recommendations which are created by COGD Germany and COGUK, which changed its name to IIOM (International Institue of Obsolescence Management) in 2015.
  • Quarterly meetings and expert forums with specialist lectures and reports of working and discussion groups.
  • Access to mailing lists with the possibility of sending emails to all members. This can also be used during searching for components or materials difficult to source.
  • Division of tasks, which can discussed and solved by selected institutions.


The anual membership fee is 950€ per company location and grants access for 2 participants to all quarterly meetings. Furthermore the member company is allowed to access all recorded data so far. Please check out our basic presentation for more information.